Friday, 18 July 2014

PR professionals 'Image makers or breakers'

The punch of storytelling with a powerful form of communication is apparent. It seems that in order to gain positive value through storytelling, image makers rely on three major channels: marketing, word of mouth and public relations.
Public Relations of these three -is the focal point. PR domain is one of the longstanding tool through which mass audience is captured to believe in pivotal issues. Thus it is formidable, that business PR professionals play a vital 'gatekeeper' role in creating and promoting any company’s or clients’ image.
The ideals in this profession are greatly of high standard. If a PR professional is tarnishing the image instead of building it, then the PR professional is of no use. Public Relation in itself means creating positive image of the client and highlighting its optimistic feature to the public. The emotional chord of the company is adjoined with this part. PR professionals are positive image makers as they impartially balance in the choice and use of sources that forecast different point of views, and neutrality in the presentation of notes, news and press releases for their specific client in front of the mass audience.
To manage the positive image PR professionals separate facts from opinion, so that to avoid the value of judgment. They don't just capture the reality but clarify it with instance, as audience believe on facts. PR professionals as image makers have to stand out as compared to their opponents in promoting their brand.
If the PR professional works against the client's perspective, then the image won't ever be created and instead of forming a positive image they will end up breaking the image. PR professionals have to be very keen eyed in respect to rejecting and interpreting the material that is being provided to them from the client's part.
Attaining media coverage for the stories strictly lies on the PR professional’s ability to influence journalists and produce stories that are appealing to them; in respect to which they shall cater the target audience. Hence, PR professionals are the gatekeepers that take care of the positive image formation. 


Friday, 20 June 2014

Is digital marketing here to stay?

The world has transcended with the limitless boundaries of Digital media. It’s the only media channel that has empowered the marketers’ maximum possible reach. The various technological advancements and innovations pose another insightful question that whether 'Digital Marketing' is here to stay? To understand this lets delve into the below and read on more about the trends governing the industry and their subsequent impact on the marketing dynamics:

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has revolutionized the whole world with its high engagement, quick response and focused approach. It's a unique marketing tool which allows the use of various platforms such as websites, e-mail, various apps (classic and mobile) and the most useful channel-social networks. The Digital media uses multiple technologies and electronic devices such as personal computers, tablets, smart-phones, cellphones and gaming consoles to engage target audience. It is useful to serve the internal audiences and the external audiences as well. In addition, the systems are used to extend the reach to other key target audiences such as affiliates, suppliers and strategic corporate partners.

The Future Trend

The word ‘digital’ is generally understood to mean ‘a new’ marketing channel. A channel specially created by the invention and advancement of the Internet and worldwide web. However the picture of digital marketing is already clearing out with its variants and channels mushrooming up. What will you say about web-enabled TV? The Mobile apps let you scan your own groceries in-store. Outdoor ads with QR codes and/or cameras allow interaction. Radio ads and posters tell consumers to ‘like us on Facebook’ and many more such mechanisms.

The Past trend

The past pattern tells us that new media channel never works against it as 'Pesticide'. Instead the entire media works in-sync with each other. The different marketing channel allows more creative and innovation possibility making it more powerful so at present the Digital Marketing is booming to the next level like 'The phoenix bird'.

So it’s time let’s get our marketing caps onto our heads to entice today’s informed new-age digi-savvy consumer and embark on the trend which is rightly being called the FAD of the season- the Digital Marketing!

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Djing- The New Career Opportunity

The world is round just like the turntables. It vibrates with countless heartbeats the way the latter quivers with the beat of the music. In short, the whole world breathes in the aura of music. It just needs a true perceiver to put it forth in the form of a groovy track. Playing music for its enthusiasts is challenging yet exciting. Only a music maven understands and knows what could actually sways the crowd raving-in the clubs or in the parties where music is played loud with the smashing blend of music tracks. 

There was a time when disc jockeys would record music on records – shaped like discs. But as technology progressed and society got more advanced, new equipments like vinyl records, mixer, microphone, MP3 players, drum machines, laptops etc became the basic requirements of DJs to play at radio stations, late night club parties or at prodigious events. Indubitably, music has always been the backbone of entertainment and stressbuster. With time the scope of DJing has been elevated giving a wider space to DJs to rollick the crowd with their lively tracks. 

To become a DJ not only rocking the turntables is important but spinning, scratching, beating juggle and skillfully playing the records are also salient. In the midst, if one is already attuned to the melody and variations pertaining to it, it's like getting browny points in advance in this money-making career line. DJing is all about spontaneity and leaving an impact on audience. If a DJ rocks a club successfully there will definitely be more clubs inviting him with lucrative offers. It's up to the knack of the music-scratcher how well and how long he/she makes the crowd dance and yell for keep-the-ball-rolling. Hence, it eventually depends on one's flair and chemistry with music that makes his name known across the world. 

On a whole, discern a career in this line, if one possesses the quality of tackling and controlling the emotions of the tunes keeping the crowd dancing to each foot-tapping beat of the music. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Mobile Advertising is the future

With the growth of social media, more and more people are catching up with social networking and other internet applications and softwares, in order to communicate and connect. Advertising agencies, in order to catch the consumer's attention, use mobile advertising, taking advertising to a different dimension. Mobile advertising continues to expand faster than expected, with advertisers giving engaging marketing experience.

Customers relate mobile advertising to online or internet advertising, which include Mobile Web Banner, Mobile Web Poster or pop-ups. Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Instagram and WeChat are accounted for a successful hike in use of Mobile-Web advertising, figures increasing manifolds. Mainly, Mobile Advertising is mainly dominated by SMS advertising, which covers over 85% of the generated revenue. And MMS advertising; existing in the form of mobile games, mobile videos, mobile applications etc.

 Users operate their smartphones and tablets throughout the day, due to which marketers have engaged the customers on their mobile devices, to serve the purpose of advertising. Mobile advertising provides effective way to reach the target audience, as accessibility has become easier with the availability of mobile as a medium. Mobile advertising is cheaper as compared to other forms of advertising and have time relevance, thereby, maintaining credibility as there is no delay when notifying about certain events and schemes.

Mobile advertising has become more effective and is increasingly becoming a daily activity to many people. Brands and business sectors have changed the platform of mobile advertising and are using viral marketing methods, creating a sense of intimacy and friendliness with their customers. Being a successful and a popular marketing tool; mobile advertising e-marketers are broadening the mobile advertising spectrum and investing in mobile advertising for higher returns. Mobile advertising is being considered the prodigy of digital advertising, estimating its reach to 1 billion devices.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Integrating Online Marketing with Print Media for Success

From the past few centuries, we have witnessed a great transformation in marketing and advertising strategies- the strategies that have turned from local to the more focused approach i.e. micro localization that has improved the importance of the digital media giving cost advantage. If we talk about today's fashion of marketing, we'd find that both the aforementioned marketing strategies are going neck to neck in proliferating businesses across the globe. In the midst, if asked about online marketing, what is the first thing that tickles in your mind? Guess, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all that come under the league? A very lucid guess! But, there are many other digital marketing options which can take a start-up or any business to its zenith.

To mention some: email marketing, Google ads, blogs and banners amongst others lead the chart. In the contrast, if we look upon print media's way of doing the same then, things would be just the opposite. This type of marketing is entirely different from of that of the former one, as it is technically the backbone of traditional marketing. Thus, as a frequently used advertising tool, print media is still recognized as a strong way reaching more places and people whilst maintaining the creditability. For instance, printing a book was; is, and will always has its own charm. In today's digital-addicted world, people still prefer printing brochures, pamphlets, hand bills, posters, visiting cards, greeting cards, magazines, newspapers and what not! Moreover, places like remote areas where digital media has not reached, print media is filling the gap doing the needful.

In today's highly competitive world, both the marketing ways have joined their roots coming-up with miscellaneous success stories of myriads of businesses. There is no denying fact that the online marketing holds the advantage of low costs, flexibility in purchasing power, statistical results of progress in business, pay-per-click advertisements, Google maps etc. Its integration with print media has come-up giving double advantage to the help seekers. Thus, the amalgamation of online marketing collateral with online media is all about integrating marketing communication. In simple words, doubling on the marketing! Hence, one can easily go with an agile 'online marketing' of one's business along with the 'print one'. Not to forget, if the former way is swift enough to undertake then the latter one requires firm efforts in execution of the same, which is appreciated well on its own ground. In a nutshell, as mentioned earlier, together they both create success stories.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bootcamps @team.i

The competitive Corporate culture has emerged as a highly demanding and challenging one. Increasing competition in the global environment is increasing stress levels of ambitious professionals of today. Here comes in the need for a rejuvenating training program like a BOOTCAMP that focuses on boosting confidence, grooming individuals and imparting professional skills.

BOOTCAMP at team.i is one such initiative that aims at honing skills and increasing insight of the chosen industry. This weekend training program includes a series of engaging activities that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated to take on upcoming challenges. Conducted and administered by expert trainers, this program promises to offer sufficient practical exposure and theoretical understanding of requisite entrepreneurial skills through designer modules specific to the Entertainment and Media Industry. If you are :

•           Budding Professionals & Executives in media & entertainment or allied industries
•           Senior management & entrepreneurs who wish to brush up skills in the topics mentioned
•           Aspirants who would like to be a part of the Entertainment & Media Industry
•           Students of media studies or those who wish to make a career in media
•           Alumni of team.i who would like to refresh their learning

Then you are eligible to pursue this training that prepares you for the professional hurdles faced in a competitive working environment.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Designer Weddings- A lately developed aspect in Event Management

Event Management in India is booming at a rapid pace with the growing interest and encouragement to 'Glorified' celebrations amongst the masses. This highly creative field  is grabbing massive attention of the affluent class along with other sophisticated beings who are in search and demand for bringing innovation and uniqueness in their special occasions and events.

Following destination weddings and big scale cruise marriages, Designer Weddings have emerged as the most recent and sought after choice for the ultra modern class in India. Adding more grace to the big fat Indian weddings, top league fashion designers of the country are stepping in as sophisticated wedding organizers or are even establishing tie-ups with renowned event management companies across India.

Designers such as Rohit Bal, JJ Valaya and Neeta Lulla now go beyond making 'lehengas' and 'sherwanis' to fix the whole look and feel of a wedding for those willing to splurge without limit on a perfect 'designer shaadi'.

Luxury-wedding services are now being offered by big names in the Event Management sector of India. However, partnering with Popular designers can undoubtedly increase prospects for success.

Can these expensive yet entertaining weddings become good business models for the thriving Event Management Industry?